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Drinking on the move

I remember in a features meeting at work a couple of years ago suggesting a piece on meeting friends to go for a walk instead of always 'meeting for a coffee/meal'. Or go to shopping. 'Who on earth would do that,' scoffed the then fashion director.

Well, fast forward to a pandemic and it turns out that one the bonuses of the last year has been meeting friends (when allowed, of course) and going for long walks together - and talking. And listening. I'd done it for work meetings too - simply meet a colleague in a park and chat on the move.

One of more regular perambulating companions has been my friend, Carolyn. Or I could refer to her as My Super Stylish Friend Carolyn. Inevitably when we meet I grill her about where every item of clothing she is wearing has come from - we did meet when we were both deputy fashion editors: her at The Times and me at The Financial Times. One of her many great finds was a leather water bottle holder on a cross-body strap. She's found it at Crossbow Leather, based in Telluride, Colorado. These hand-made practical gems feel both rustic and chic all at once. She was placing another order so, of course, I hijacked it and added on my own request. The retail price is USD98 and of course there'll be shipping and import duties for the UK but they weren't outrageous - I think it added around another £20 or so to the price.

I love to slide one of my glass Bkr bottles into the case as I prefer drinking from glass. But my Swell bottle also looks good- I do love these sleek containers and they're great at keeping drinks hot and cold, but am I the only one that finds drinks from steel bottles can all feel a bit like being on a camping trip?

Anyway, since I plan to keep up the walking and talking for both personal and professional catch-ups, this little holster has become my new essential accessory and I highly recommend it.

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